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High Performance Natural Lighting Systems

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What Does the System Include?

DayStar Skylight Systems are offered as a package, complete with a fully illustrated installation manual.  Designed for installation by both do-it-yourselfers and construction crews.  Each package contains the materials needed for you job.

A. Roof Dome     B. Light Shaft     C. Celing Lens        D. Wood Curb Kit    
E. Flashing Kit     F. Rib Caps         G. Mastic           H. Foam Tape        I.  Tape    
J.  Screws      K. Installation Manual     L. Steel Roof Curb Kit

Our high performance, commercial skylights come in:
4' x 4'  -   2' x 4' and 2' x 2'. We offer more than 150 curb styles to fit shingle, metal or membrane comercial roofs with pitches from 0 to 12/12. One piece light shafts up to 12' long come pre-fab with corners attached. We also custom-manufacture to your specifications.

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